Short Form Consents and Updated CIRB SOPs

Dear CIRB Stakeholders,

We are happy to announce that CIRB-approved short form consents are now available in 11 languages on CTSU’s website under Resources.  

Sites can use these approved short forms for any study approved by the CIRB if:

  1. There is no eligibility restriction in the protocol based on language that would prohibit enrollment of the participant;
  2. The Signatory Institution’s policies permit the use of short form consents;
  3. These policies have been reported to the CIRB on either the Annual Signatory Institution Worksheet or the Annual PI Worksheet; and
  4. A CIRB-approved short form exists in a language understandable to the potential participant.

The CIRB SOPs have been updated to reflect the use of short forms; the SOP change memo provides an overview of the changes.

A Short Forms Q & A is also available.   

If you have any questions regarding the use of short forms or changes to the SOPs, contact the CIRB Helpdesk: or 1-888-657-3711.

Kind regards,