Revision to Change of PI Process

Dear CIRB Stakeholders,


In response to requests from CIRB stakeholders, we are happy to announce a significant enhancement when requesting a change of PI.  A new separate Worksheet, the 3_5 - Change of PI Worksheet, allows multiple studies to be changed to a new PI as part of a single submission.  This modification will reduce the need for individual Worksheet submissions for each affected study, thus reducing the administrative burden on local site staff as well as the CIRB’s review process.

The removal of study specificity will require staff to submit a separate revised Annual Principal Investigator Worksheet or revised Study-Specific worksheet for any affected study that has a change in the local context considerations. 

A revised Changing the PI on a Study Quickguide has also been posted to the NCI CIRB website to assist users in completing the new Change of PI worksheet

If you have any questions regarding the use of new Change of PI worksheet, please contact the CIRB Helpdesk:  ncicirbcontact@emmes.com or 1-888-657-3711.

Kind regards,

CIRB Operations Office