Action Letter – Posting Process Update

Dear CIRB Stakeholders,


As of August 27, 2018, CTEP-issued Action Letters will be posted to the Supplemental Documents tab of the CTSU website by the coordinating groups.  The CIRB will no longer post the Action Letter with its review.  This change allows for immediate distribution of the Action Letter by the coordinating Group.  

The CIRB will continue to process and review all Action Letters according to its SOPs.  An Acknowledgement of Receipt and a determination of whether the event constitutes an Unanticipated Problem will be issued and posted by the CIRB to the CIRB Documents tab. 

Please refer to the CIRB Document Posting Quickguide for more information regarding which documents are posted to the CIRB Documents tab. 

Please contact the CIRB Helpdesk at NCICIRBContact@emmes.com or at 1-888-657-3711 if you have any additional questions or comments.