CIRB Studies

Below is the current list of studies covered by the CIRB. It includes both Available to Open and Completed studies. Study documents approved after July 1, 2013 for all covered studies are available on the CTSU website.

To request documents approved before July 1, 2013, please contact the CIRB Helpdesk.

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Study Number Lead Group Study Title CIRB Study Status
ADVL0821 COG A Phase II Study of IMC-A12 (Anti-IGF-I Receptor Monoclonal Antibody; IND# 100947; NSC# 742460) in Children with Relapsed/Refractory Solid Tumors: A COG Groupwide Phase II Study Pediatric CIRB Completed
MDA2017-09-03 CP-CTNet_CLO-MD Anderson Pilot Study of Denosumab in BRCA1/2 Mutation Carriers scheduled for Risk-reducing Salpingooophorectomy Cancer Prevention and Control CIRB Completed
10130 ETCTN A phase I study of single agent tazemetostat in subjects with advanced solid tumors and B-cell lymphomas with hepatic dysfunction Adult CIRB - Early Phase Emphasis Completed
S9910 SWOG Leukemia Centralized Reference Laboratories and Tissue Repositories Ancillary Adult CIRB - Late Phase Emphasis Completed
AHOD04B1 COG Hodgkin Disease (HD) Banking Study Pediatric CIRB Completed
ARST03P1 COG A Pilot Phase II Study for Children with Infantile Fibrosarcoma Pediatric CIRB Completed
CALGB-90104 CALGB A Randomized Phase III Study Comparing Sequential Chemotherapy (AG-TP) to Cisplatin and Gemcitabine as Adjuvant Treatment After Cystectomy for Transitional Cell Carcinoma of the Bladder Adult CIRB - Late Phase Emphasis Completed
10410 ETCTN A Phase 1 Study of IPdR in Combination with Capecitabine and Radiotherapy in Rectal Cancer Adult CIRB - Early Phase Emphasis Completed
A211401 Alliance Reducing Surgical Complications in Newly Diagnosed Lung Cancer Patients Who Smoke Cigarettes Cancer Prevention and Control CIRB Completed
ACCL1131 COG A Phase III Open-Label Trial of Caspofungin vs. Azole Prophylaxis for Patients at High-Risk for Invasive Fungal Infections (IFI) Following Allogeneic Hematopoietic Cell Transplantation (HCT) Pediatric CIRB Completed
Displaying 1 - 10 of 1145