Short Form Consents for 2018 Common Rule

Dear CIRB Stakeholders,

We are happy to announce that CIRB-approved short form consents have been updated per the 2018 Common Rule and are now available in 42 languages on CTSU’s website under Resources.   Tetum is planned to be the 43rd language and is in process of finalization.  This will be posted once completed.

Sites can use these approved short forms for any study approved by the CIRB if:
1.    There is no eligibility restriction in the protocol based on language that would prohibit enrollment of the participant;
2.    The Signatory Institution’s policies permit the use of short form consents;
3.    These policies have been reported to the CIRB on either the Annual Signatory Institution Worksheet or the Annual PI Worksheet.

A Short Forms Q & A is available on the CIRB Website.   

If you have any questions regarding the use of short forms, contact the CIRB Helpdesk: or 1-888-657-3711.

Kind regards,

NCI CIRB Operations Office