Revisions to CIRB SOPs

An updated version of the CIRB SOPs is now available on the CIRB website.

If you have any questions regarding the changes to the SOPs, contact the CIRB Helpdesk or 1-888-657-3711.

An overview of the changes to the SOPs is detailed below.    

Section 5.6 Time Allocations for Review of Study Submissions

  1. Section 5.6.1 – Updated to allow for CIRB Agendas to be five hours instead of four.    

Section 5.9.9 Translated Documents 

  1. Section – Updated to clarify that translated documents may use a version date independent of the Protocol Version Date. 

Section 8.7 Review of Recruitment Material and Advertisements

  1. Section 8.4 – Updated to state that review of scripts and draft materials is required for recruitment videos.  Added text stating the finalized videos must be submitted for review to the CIRB.